torsdag 24 april 2008

Underhållande läsning

Jag gillar att läsa rockstjärnors riders, och tycker att ju mer otroliga deras krav är desto roligare läsning.
Nu har jag hittat The Smoking Gun's samling av riders, så nu är lyckan gjord.
Roligast av dem alla är Iggy Pops rider på 18 sidor. Mr. Pop önskar bland annat följande:

- 8 X heavy duty speaker cables. So we can plug all the speakers in, and still waste half an hour wondering why we've got two speaker cables left over.

- We need: One (1) monitor man who speaks good English and isn't afraid of death.

- Eric Fischer, the Stooges road manager, would like to acquire some pins, or badges, I think he means, that signify the current country (yours) so he can stick them on his tour jacket and look like a big YMCA power walker or something. Is this feasible? You might have to call him to get a sensible version of his request. I feel all nerdy just typing it.

- 2 bottles of smooth, full-bodied, Bordeaux type red wine. Probably french. And something we've heard of, but still can't pronounce. Look, there's fucking loads of good red wines. Ask the man in the wine shop.

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